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Start project

We started working with Dartmouth College back in 2019. Then I was approached by Mikhail Gronas (Associate Professor) with the task of developing a prototype of an augmented reality application for the Hood Museum of Art located on the territory of Dartmouth College.
I developed the first prototypes of the application.

How does the app work?

The user visits a museum, finds the desired exhibit in the museum. Turns on the app on his smartphone, and points the camera with AR mode on to the painting. He can read the details of the painting in the pop-up windows of the app, save or share this information with his friends.


The next step was to develop a prototype and design the app based on Dartmouth College’s color palette.
I developed the following layouts. I have developed 10 layouts of varying complexity and functionality.

The 250th Anniversary

For the 250th anniversary of Dartmouth College, I was tasked with developing an urgent (in one day) webpage with downloadable apps for Android and Ios.
I made a user-friendly design for the landing page and did the frontend of the site in clean HTML/JS/CSS.


Exactly one year later, I was approached by Dartmouth College with the task of designing and programming an CRM- system for adding and editing AR tagged pictures. The initial step was to develop a UX investigation into the availability of user-friendly CRM-systems on the Internet.

Design of the CRM-system

I collected convenient services for internal CRM-system management, selected the key solutions of these systems, and made for myself a wiseboard for design development. I started the design development with a selection of color solutions for CRM-systems. The design of 27 layouts took me about 10 days.
I designed the following layouts. I designed 10 layouts of varying complexity and functionality.


For the convenience of additing and editing the CRM-system, was selected WordPress (as the back-end CMS-system), because it is already used by some of the staff and students of the college.
On WordPress, I created custom fields (ACF Pro) and custom type posts (Toolset Pro), and programmed a user-friendly interface so that I could easily add and edit the site.