my name is Boris Belov. I'm a experienced web design professional with extensive experience in media and advertising industry. Focused on web design, UI/UX, marketing and have good knowledge in frontend.

My clients are online magazines specializing on content about business, video games, pop culture entertainments, health, lifestyle, tech, etc: Dartmouth College, Societe Generale, Grishin Robotics, Forbes, MARS, Vilebrequin, My.games and etc.

On their platforms i did projects for: HP, Samsung, JBL, Master Card, Asus, etc. I also did advertisement for upcoming movies, tv series and games, such as: Scream 2022, Game Of Thrones, Metro: Exodus, Last of Us: Part II, Avengers: Endgame and many more.

My projects have been well received not only by customers, but also by end users who have been happy to share them on their social networks.

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